Safely and securely purchasing high-quality marijuana seeds is one of the first steps to beginning your lifelong hobby of growing your own medicinal cannabis from home. America and the rest of the world is changing. People are demanding their rights to medicate themselves naturally and effectively, without the ridiculous chemical mixtures offered from multibillion dollar pharmaceutical companies. Medical marijuana needs to be of optimal quality. The quality of any cannabis plant begins in its genetic code. The genetic code is contained within the seed. And the seed is for sale.

Tips four purchasing medicinal cannabis seeds:

  • Remember that cultivating marijuana is still an illegal act in the majority of the US. Until that changes, make sure to keep your secrets secret. Don’t tell anybody you ordered some marijuana seeds. Don’t tell anybody you’re going to grow a cannabis garden. Just keep it to yourself, unless you like the possibility of imprisonment.
  • If you order your marijuana seeds online, make sure to use a business address to have the package delivered to. This raises far less suspicion.
  • Use a prepaid credit card, money order or cash if you’re worried about the safety of online credit card transactions.
  • Use a real name for the package’s delivery. Your local postman knows who lives where, and may return a package with a strange name to the post office.
  • Never opt to have your package delivered only with a signature signed. No signatures please.
  • Don’t freak out if your package takes a little longer than you expect to arrive. Do not lurk around your mailbox. Do not check the mailbox several times a day. Do not repetitively call the post office asking about the parcel.
  • Consider the future advantages of buying expensive feminized marijuana seeds now. Your marijuana garden is an investment. Don’t skimp on it.
  • Do your research about the company you’re considering ordering from. How long have they been in business? Do they have a toll free number to call? Do they answer the phone? Are they professional Do they build your confidence? Are there customer testimonials on their website?

Use your brain and don’t get ripped off! Go for reputation and length in business when considering a source four purchasing cannabis seeds. Quality means everything in this business. So does intelligent purchasing decisions about buying marijuana seeds, online or off.

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