This piece is masterfully crafted with patience, skill, time and honor and should be treated as such a device. It comes in initial colors of green, orange, blue, yellow, teal, white and red, that all change to much deeper and even slightly different colors with continued use. It has glass spikes coming off of it – don’t worry they’re not sharp – that add to the flair as well as help you grip this fancy piece. Constructed of high-quality borosilicate glass, the Sidecar Bubbler is sure to last a long time, although you’ll probably want a case for this exceptional lady.

As with most other bubblers, this one drastically cools down the smoke, making for smoother hits and allowing you to taste your precious buds. This 6.2” bubbler is available for $63.95 and is available from Don’t just take my word on this elegant bubbler, go check it out for yourself:

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