Keeping your medicinal cannabis seeds viable and healthy until you’re ready to germinate and grow them is an important set of knowledge for the serious weed cultivator. The wasted time, energy, money, space and thought given to dealing with lifeless cannabis seeds is not desirable. A dead seed brings no goodness to the mind of the medical marijuana patient and therefore should be avoided at all costs!

How to Properly Store Cannabis Seeds:

  • Keep them dry.
  • Keep them airtight.
  • Keep them warm, not hot.
  • Keep them in the darkness.

It’s pretty simple really: marijuana seeds need moisture, warmth and oxygen to germinate. If you do not want your weed seeds to sprout roots, then deny them what they need. Here’s what to do:

  • Place seeds in an airtight plastic bag. Vacuum packed in best.
  • Place the airtight, sealed bag with seeds inside into another, light-blocking bag.
  • Place both bags inside the vegetable crisper section of your fridge.
  • Your seeds should remain viable over 2 years if need be.

Storing your precious marijuana seeds properly can save many headaches and bring much delight. Just think about what it takes to keep them from wanting to grow and keep your pot seeds fresh for years to come!

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