Increase the pleasure of your toking sessions by adding concentrated THC crystals to your bowls, bongs and joints of high-quality medicinal cannabis. THC crystals are the trichromes that form on flowering female marijuana plants. They are actually mushroom shaped resin glands that house THC and other cannabinoid molecules. When medicinal cannabis is harvested at just the right time, the trichromes are maximally stuffed with mind-enhancing medicinal compounds that can be harvested and utilized.

There are a variety of methods available to use for gathering THC crystals. Many people like to put their buds and trimmings in plastic bags and freeze them. Freezing makes the trichromes easier to knock off of the plant material and gather. These crystals can then be sprinkled on pipes, joints and more to enhance the potency of the cannabis. And although it seems very wasteful and is not recommended by, there are loads of people nowadays the like to snort lines of THC crystals, most likely an expensive fad that will soon pass.

Understanding the medicinal qualities of cannabinoids like THC in marijuana gives hope to hundreds of millions of people afflicted with hundreds of different types of health conditions, every day. Their suffering is needless and does not require chemical concoctions from pharmaceutical companies. Rather, concentrated THC substances such as trichromes harvested directly from high-quality cannabis buds present more holistic healing possibilities. Learn more about THC crystals, hash oil and other THC-concentrates and help yourself to heal from the inside out.

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